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Why SiteGround?

I have just started a new online shopping site called to promote the products of my partners through an affiliate marketing program. Prior to building this site, I wanted to find out the best web hosting site based on the ‘3S concept”.   This concept upholds the values of data Security, hosting Speed and technical Support when providing service to customers. In my research, I stumbled upon SiteGround hosting website, which pretty much values the 3S concept that I mentioned above.  SiteGround has millions of happy customers and in this blog, I will highlight some key analytical metrics about this website and tell you why I am very happy about it.   But, before that, you’ll need to know about one more thing, consider the cost of web hosting.


Prior to subscribing to this web hosting company, I made sure that the cost associated to managing my website is pretty much within my budget. Web hosting is a yearly subscription so if you are thinking to have your own domain customized according to your needs,  you should consider the price of web hosting.  That’s the main reason why I decided to go for SiteGround because of its reasonable yearly subscription fee plus its best-in-class and superb customer service.    

There are three options when subscribing to this site.    The StartUp option which can host only one domain. The fee for this is $3.95 per month.  If your purpose is to stick to only one website, this is perfect for you. However, SiteGround can host unlimited domains if you chose either GrowBig option or GoGeek option. If you’re just starting and planning to have multiple websites, I would recommend Growbig. It is not expensive at $5.95/month plus it has all the website security options added already.  The GoGeek option is usually great for businesses that need more storage space and other advanced web hosting features.


The 3S Concept (Security, Speed & Support)

Website security is really important when you’re navigating anywhere on the web.    The lock symbol on the left side of the URL before the https:// signifies that the domain is secured with some level of encryption.  Security vulnerability on WordPress Touch and Joomla VirtueMart was tested for Hack Protection and Account Isolation among 12 most popular web hosting sites and SiteGround on real accounts.    The result of the Hack Protection test showed that only SiteGround  had patched on both WordPress and Joomla as shown below.

In terms of account isolation, SiteGround is the first to apply effective account isolation mechanisms to the shared hosting environment.   The table below shows that SiteGround together with four other hosts have the right configuration in applying effective account isolation mechanisms, while three have not done it right and five other hosts have partially done it.


If your website sells products to customers you would definitely want a host that provides the best speed.   In the same host comparison testing that was conducted, speed was one of the strengths of SiteGround.   Speed test was done against page loading and performance.   On both parameters, SiteGround performed between top 1 and 2 in various testing environments.     I don’t really need to further explain this, the tables below speak for the great performance of SiteGround.


If you are not tech savvy enough, you would want a web hosting site that will provide you the best customer support at the time you need them.    It has been only 2 weeks since I built and the customer support that I received from SiteGround is really outstanding.   I would say, they know what they are doing, the wait time is usually within a minute or two and can solve the problem in no time.   No wonder they are the best in the league today.

The table above on the First Reply on Ticket shows the big disparity on the length of time between SiteGround and Host 1 of the 12 hosts that were tested.   To me, customer support is really an important consideration for picking the best web hosting site especially that I am offering products to customers. 


I would like to end this blog by pointing out again the main considerations that I took in choosing the site that will host my domain.    It’s the concept of 3S and budget consideration.

If you think this blog is very helpful and have decided to go for SiteGround as your web hosting site,  the banner below will take you to the SiteGround’s website.  See you in my next blog.

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